International Women’s Day

Today is for all women. For women in hospital beds and nursing care facilities. For struggling women and women who feel successful. For women who put up with bullshit from other people, and women that don’t. For women who get hurt or taken advantage of intentionally by other people. For women who get hurt or taken advantage of unintentionally by other people. For women who stand up for themselves in the streets, in politics, in careers, and in their every day lives. For women who don’t speak up, whose strength is represented in a quiet but unrelenting way. For women with children, who fight every day to make sure someone else can live no matter what else they do. For women without children that either don’t want them, or desperately wish they could. For young women who think they need to be something they don’t need to be. For young women who know that exactly who they are is good enough and everyone that doesn’t think so can fuck off. For little girls being brought up in societies all over the world – may their world be better than what we’ve accomplished so far. For girls that are scared for their lives before they go to sleep, and the ones that aren’t. For the girls with healthy futures, and for the ones that wont live until dinner time. For women with privilege, and for women with nothing.

For my two daughters – may they understand that they never have to be anything other than what they want to be and what they are.

Celebrate today for who you are. Know you are wonderful for who you are, period.



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